Is 20 Minutes Of Exercise A Day Enough?

Gone are the days when people thought that one must exercise on an EXECUTIVE piece of fitness equipment for more than forty-five minute to see remarkable results. Over the last couple of years, scientists have identified that you can lose body fat by lessening the time taken at the gym and increasing the intensity. For instance, if you are restricted to 20 minutes, you should exercise at maximum effort for a minimum of thirty seconds before taking a break of similar time.

The HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can be performed whether you are doing straight cardio or circuit training. Generally, your goal should be to spend less time at maximum effort.

Contrary to the common belief, you don’t need to spend the entire day at the gym. Working out for twenty minutes comes with health benefits, from whipping your body into shape and increasing your calorie burn. However, the HIIT exercises are no joke. Here is why you need to begin carving out 20 minutes of your day:

1. Get Results Quickly


There are reasons why people keep on talking about high-intensity interval training. First, these exercises work! Most recently, studies found that a ten-minute workout, with just sixty seconds at high-intensity, offer similar results as forty-five minutes of jogging.

2. You Live Longer

You can increase your lifespan by working out for just twenty minutes. Studies from the European Society of Cardiology assessed study participants over a twelve-year period and established that those who worked out at a low level (or comparable to a twenty-minute brisk walk) were 22 % less likely to die during the study period than the individuals who did not work out at all.

On the other hand, participants who worked out at high and medium levels lowered their risk of death by 35 % and 28 %, respectively.

3. Burn More Calories

HIIT exercises that usually last just five to twenty minutes can also offer you much more efficient in terms of calorie burn. In one study, individuals who did 15 -20 minutes of high-intensity interval training burned more calories and boosted their VO2 max by 12.5 % more than individuals who did standard-state cardio for forty minutes. With this in mind, you can see that you are gaining much more in less time.

4. Stay Young

The high-intensity interval training has a profound impact on aging at the cellular level. As you grow older, your energy-producing mitochondria tend to become inefficient.


The research was done on three groups of exercisers for twelve weeks – one that did resistance training, one that did HIIT aerobic, and one that did a combination of the two, they realized that those that undertook HIIT indeed reserved the age-related degeneration. In simple terms, the mitochondria of these individuals worked like those of young people.

5. Improving Brain Power

You are aware of the essence of workout to your body, but you possibly don’t know the importance of exercise to your brain. As a matter of fact, twenty minutes of workout can improve your brainpower for a short time afterward. By engaging in short and intense workouts, you will be able to respond to questions and situations much faster.

In conclusion, a couple of minutes of intense workout are much better than nothing, and it can have lasting, and real results. If you are looking forward to maintaining your general fitness, twenty minutes is all that you need. Also, a twenty-minute exercise is a valuable complement to your general program if you are training for an endurance event.