Benefits of Impact Windows

Impact windows are specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. They are made with thicker glass held together with stronger frames. They are also made using extra strong adhesive. These windows usually go through different tests such as pressurization and filtration tests. As such, they have many advantages including:

Better protection

Due to their strong structure, these windows offer utmost protection to your property. They are hard to break through which ensures that your valuable property is well taken care of. They also provide extra protection during natural dangerous occurrences such as storms. During storms and hurricanes debris are usually bound to fly around. The nature of these windows makes them unbreakable during such situations.


In addition, the windows shield you from ultraviolet rays. Direct sunlight tends to damage home properties such as curtains by causing them to fade. The windows keep the property in your home from the damage by preventing ultra violet rays from getting through.

Insulation from noise

Living in rented properties can sometimes be stressful when one has noisy neighbors. The same applies to those who are near busy public places like highways or malls.

Impact windows help keep away as much noise as possible allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet in your own home.

Cost efficiency

One of the major cause of high maintenance bill is high consumption of energy. High quality impact windows such as those from Signature Impact Windows & Doors help conserve energy in your home and by extension the amount of money you have to spend on bills. These windows can keep away outside heat thereby helping you regulate the inside temperature.


This is mostly important during summer. Tinted glasses is specifically important for this function since they tend to reflect light and heat better. They will allow enough light through but keep the heat away. Thus gives you an opportunity to use natural lighting while your home remains cool helping you save on the heat and light bills.


These windows can last for a very long period before they require a replacement. They are also easy to maintain and clean just like regular windows.

The only difference is that their nature doesn’t make them as fragile as other windows. Impact windows also require a once off installation.

Since they are able to withstand hurricanes and other weather conditions alike, you don’t have to worry about taking them down and reinstalling them every time a storm is brewing. This makes them a good investment and takes away the painful and tiresome routine of having to check weather a hurricane is coming so that you can change your windows.


Impact windows are a smart way to protect your home from burglars and damage. However, you have to ensure that you enlist the services of a good window company for the best product and services. While the quality of the window matters, the installation also plays a great role.

Many companies offer impact windows services so you have to ensure you’re dealing with a genuine company that can deliver. Find out whether the impact window you’re buying has undergone the weather penetration test as well as structural test and air filtration test. All these will guarantee that you get a good window that will several you through all seasons for a very long time.