Nature-Inspired Interior Décor

There’s a new and an ancient trend in home design that’s sweeping homeowners across the world. It’s about bringing nature into your home design both in terms of style and the materials that are being used. There are many advantages of this approach, the foremost being its beauty. 

It will also make your home look fresh and you can fit in a variety of different styles while keeping the nature aesthetic. This design style is also rather modifiable meaning that you could make seasonal changes to it and keep the aesthetic interesting for a while.

The one object

There are a few ways to approach the nature-inspired design and some of them are as simple as designing the whole property with such an aesthetic in mind. However, a similarly strong effect could be accomplished by going the other way around and only having one object inspired by nature to provide visual interest.

It can be something as simple as a branch that you could use as decoration or a flower pot that you will put in the prominent place within the room. The object should draw attention to itself.

Interior Decor


Green is the color most associated with nature design. It should be used in abundance if you want to achieve that lush look that’s associated with biophilic interior design. This can be done by adding plant life but also by adding decoration pieces made from natural and sustainable materials. 

It’s not enough to use greens only and you need to try to add variety while remaining in the same aesthetic. That can be done by adding ivory and white touches coming from shells, corals, and starfish as additional objects of interest spread across the room.


Antlers are a great way to create a centerpiece around which you’ll decorate the room and have a unique and charming aesthetic. They are most commonly mounted on the wall and look best when properly illuminated. However, some decide to place them on a table as a decorating piece as well.

A great thing about using antlers is that they work well in a variety of different aesthetics and moods. They are mostly associated with rustic and retro designs, but if chosen carefully and lit well, they also work in modern and minimalistic rooms.

Inspired by nature

Not all of the natural elements added to your design need to be coming from the outdoors per se. They could also be inspired by the motifs and the look of nature overall. One of the most popular motifs is called faux bois.

This is the pattern that’s made to resemble cut wood and it can be used to decorate any household item from furniture to walls and carpets. As is the case with real wood, faux bois comes in a variety of shapes and colors so it can be matched with many other room designs.

Interior Decor

Artistic renderings of nature

It’s also possible to add artistic renderings of nature as decoration pieces. This is the simplest way to add nature into your home and it can be a part of any room regardless of how it’s designed and if the rest of it is inspired by nature.

The images and paintings with this kind of motif could be found everywhere and they could range from the common and inexpensive to luxurious and rare. The only thing you need to worry about is matching the themes and the colors of the paintings with the rest of the room.


Recently, there’s been a growing trend of nature-inspired design in homes across the world. This is partly because of the eco-friendly implications of this design and partly because it’s a beautiful and versatile aesthetic that can fit in nicely with almost any apartment or home.


There are many different ways to do this and it can range from something as simple as using a painting of nature to using the materials, plants and even antlers and taxidermy pieces as a source of décor. As is the case with any other design feature, the key is for it not to clash with accompanying elements.