Are We What We Eat?

According to medical news today, over 75% of all deaths in the US are accounted for by 10 causes and of these ten causes the top three accounts for nearly 50% of the deaths. Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in America, followed closely by cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, accidents, and stroke.

According to the data the statement “we are what we eat” must be true. Most deaths result from diseases and conditions that can to a large extent be controlled.

Poor feeding habits and unhealthy lifestyles such as alcohol abuse, smoking and lack of exercise are to blame for these deaths. But do we have control over what we eat and our lifestyles? in this article we’ll learn why what we eat matters.


The age of industrialization resulted in a significant shift in man’s diet. The ancient man relied on agriculture as the source of their food. But with industrialization, the focus shifted to processed foods. It’s strange to find that processed foods are pleasant to the mouth besides been cheap and readily available. But are they good for our bodies?

The answer is a definite no. Consider cakes, biscuits and French fries all these foods contain high amounts of sugar and fats that our bodies do not require.

The nutrients from the foods we eat end up in our body cells. They constitute our blood, muscles, body organs, hormones, etc. Our bodies continuously replace worn out cells with new cells; for example, an average adult loses close to 300 billion cells each day that must be replaced.

Though you may not feel it, your body is continually Healing, repeating and rebuilding. What you put in your plate each day matters to a great extent on how you’ll be in days to come. For example, the cells lining the stomach last for a day or two; on the other hand blood cells have a lifespan of around four months.


The nutrients we ingest each day determine the state of new cells. That’s why our diet and lifestyle is essential. A diet rich in highly processed foods will not provide the right nutrients required for a healthy body. Whole and “clean” foods are the basis of a healthy lifestyle; the cells will be less prone to disease and premature aging.

If your mind on your health, it’s important to embrace healthy foods and lifestyles. Cut down on highly processed foods, alcohol abuse, and smoking, you can delay aging, chronic lifestyle diseases if you adopt healthy foods. Indeed we are what we eat.