What Size Motorcycle Helmet Do I Need?

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, one of the safety items that you require is a helmet. A helmet is very important as it protects your head in case of accidents. It is also a requirement by the law for one to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. When purchasing a helmet, one of the main factors to check is the size.

Helmets come in different sizes, and you should choose the one that fits you well. Read on to learn how to select the right motorcycle helmet for you.

1. Take measurements

The best way to find a good motorcycle helmet is to take measurements of your head. You can use a string or a tape measure to take the measurements.


When taking the measurements, make sure that the tape measure is one inch above the eyebrows and ears. From there you can give the measurements to the manufacturer or supplier. The method is ideal when purchasing a helmet online.

2. Try wearing the helmet

Different helmet manufacturers produce varying sizes. It is important that you try the helmet on before purchasing. Wearing it will help you know the best fit for you. When wearing, make sure you fasten the helmet as required to pick a perfect size.

The step is only applicable when purchasing a helmet from the local motorcycle stores. You should try different shapes and sizes to find the suitable one for you.

3. Check from motorcycle helmet size charts

There are standard helmet size charts that help motorcycle enthusiasts to find the best size. You can find these charts on the manufacturers or vendors website. You should select the size that corresponds with your head size. With this, you will be required to know the size of your head to match with the ones on the chart.

4. Check for a comfortable fit

When it comes to a motorcycle helmet, comfort is essential. You should not choose one that is too tight as it will give you headaches when riding for long distances.


A larger helmet is not comfortable as it will slide on the sides. If a helmet is too big, it can block your vision when riding a motorcycle. To know if the size you have selected is comfortable, try inserting your fingers on the head when wearing the helmet. If the helmet moves, you should consider a smaller size.

5. Check the padding

Most helmets have removable pads that affect their sizes when removed. It is important to try out a helmet when the padding is on and when removed. The padding of a helmet is crucial as it allows the helmet to fit tightly and comfortably.

It is essential that you get a motorcycle helmet that fits perfectly with the help of the above tips. If the helmet is too small or too big, it will not protect you from being hurt but increase the risk of injuries. The right helmet size will not only offer protection against injuries but also offer you the comfort you need while riding on your motorcycle.