How To Reconnect With Yourself When

Each day your friends will always fight to get your attention. Your daily work routine also awaits you to deliver on the best. And if you have a family, I can only imagine the efforts you have to make for them not to feel neglected. And with such pressure, you find yourself lost in other people’s lives and forget about yours. Overcoming such a thing is not an easy task.

As a result, I see the need to write on how you can reconnect with your life when you feel lost. The following are some of the steps that you can consider applying.

1. Have some alone time

Having some “alone time” is the first step towards realizing the true you. However, make sure not to take your phone, laptop or any device that gets you to social media. You need to use this time on meditation. Meditating is the best way to realign your daily life activities with an aim to see how your life is fairing. It helps you recharge on self-love.

2. Find Your Happy Points

As you meditate about your life, go back to days and events that kept you happy and smiling. Embrace such days and activities. Stop the “over-thinking culture” and start to see things that make you enjoy your life.


Identify things that you do and contribute to making your mind and body feel stressed. Start thinking of your past hobbies that helped you enjoy life. These are the special events that make you appreciate life.

3. Stop suppressing your feelings

Until you stop suppressing your feelings, you’ll remain stuck in living a lie. Let your feelings speak out. It’s time that you start to pay attention to what you feel from the inside.

It may sound as if it’s a lot of work to do of which is true. You might think that there is no time for such a thing, but it’s the only way to solve your challenges. When you stop silencing your feelings things start to fall in their right ways.

4. Spend time exploring the Nature

When you feel lost, don’t take a blanket to lie on the couch. Such will only get your mind dirty and might get involved with evil things. Take your boots, jacket and cap and head to the woods.


Take a walk to the park or wear your running gears and take a run up the neighborhood. Enjoy the breeze outside as well as the natural beauty of the environment as you meditate on your life. It’s the best way to get your mind engaged with your experience precisely.

5. Connect with friends

Everyone has a friend if not friends that he or she can share with, without fear of getting exposed to the public. Take time and share your life experiences with them. Friends are a great source of mentorship. They will genuinely tell you where you’re messing up, and you can correct the mistakes. When the feeling starts to get inside you, try talking it out, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

Feeling lost is something that every human being experiences. However, don’t let it be the purpose of your failures. Always pick up and employ the above-said points to help you reconnect with yourself.