How Can I Heal A Blistering Fast

Getting rid of those painful fluid-filled sacs on your feet can be tough, especially if there is a need to treat them while wearing shoes daily. Fortunately, there is a list of quite manageable remedies that can help you heal them fast enough to return to your normal life.

Leave them alone


Yes, the first remedy is to leave the blisters alone. Unless an underlying disease causes them, most pressure-induced blisters heal on their own in a matter of days. If you puncture the blister, you’d have created an avenue for bacteria to infect the wounds – it could get worse. So don’t peel it off, just let it dry and harden up to normalcy.

Few sprinkles of Aloe Vera

If, by any chance, you punctured the blisters consider rubbing the wounds with cold aloe vera gel. Cold aloe vera balms the wound and reduces inflammation while speeding the recovery.

A 2016 study found that cold aloe vera gel decreased the size of the scar and healed blisters quite faster.

Drain them and add some Eucalyptus oil

Although it is advisable to leave the blisters alone, it would be necessary to drain them if they turn out to be too big and inconveniencing. Be careful not to pop them like pimples. Once you’ve drained them, sprinkle some Eucalyptus oil mixed with olive oil and let it heal. Eucalyptus possesses antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Olive oil enhances Eucalyptus oil’s healing properties. read reviews on healing oils before buying them.

Hang your shoes


You want those blisters to go away fast? Avoid rubbing them the wrong way by hanging your shoes for a while. This is to avoid worsening the situation by puncturing the blisters and rubbing them further until they turn into open wounds.