5 Ways To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the famous skills that one should have in this professional world. Experts have revealed that companies which have employees with high levels of emotional intelligence lead to higher productivity and total sales.

1. Developing connections with other people

Despite how introverted or shy you think you are, one of the huge components of emotional intelligence is learning how to develop connections with other people. Even though you may be shy, you can start by making others feel comfortable, showing interest and listening to what they say.

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This can be one of the easiest ways for the introverted, shy people compared to the extroverts or gregarious one who tend to enjoy speaking first. Showing that you are interested and care for other people is the best step in building valuable connections.

2. Practice emotional management

After you are aware of the emotions of other people and yours, then it’s good if you keep them in check and balanced. check over here some of the ways you can practice emotional management:

Looking at the big picture so that you can determine how important the immediate reaction/emotion will be to the whole issue.

Stop taking time in understanding and processing what’s transpiring around you.Reframing your experience such as exploring a broader, new way of looking at the issue at hand.Diverting your attention until you are composed. You can do this by playing with your pet, exercising, breathing deeply and taking a nature walk.BY doing these activities, you will be in a better position of enhancing your opportunities for success in your workplace and also improve your professional and personal relationships.

3. Practice self aware-awareness

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People who are intelligent emotionally are intuitive and self-aware. In many cases, they’re aware of their emotions and how they can affect those people around them. They keep on other people’s body language and emotions so that they can use that information in enhancing their communication skills.

4. Empathize with others

People who are emotionally intelligent know how they should empathize with other people. They understand is a good trait which shows that one has emotional strength.

This skill enables them to relate well to other people. This opens the door for mutual understanding and respect between various situations and opinions.

5. use active listening skills

When it comes to conversations, people who are intelligent emotionally tend to listen for clarity instead of waiting for their turn to speak. They will make sure that they understand what other people are saying before they can respond. They will also pay attention to all non-verbal signs of conversation. This limits misunderstanding and allows the listener to show respect to the other person they are talking to.